Wild Wulong – Black tea


Comes from the wild wulong plants, with the help of hybrid processing craft of Oolong and Black tea, honey and the wild nature is in your mouth.

Scored 97 of 100 by Tony Gebely, “an outstanding tea.”

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Most of the old Puer tree that up to 500 years old in Yunnan were planted in Ming and Qing Dynasty, Oolong tea plants in Anxi can not live that long as they are shrubs not tree, but without manual intervention and living with the moon, sun, insects and animals even snakes, the power of nature accumulates in it.

We are followers of Lao Tzu that believe Avenue Nature, with the help of cold air from the North, we borrowed several oolong processing craft mixed with black tea, middle withering and light shaking, finally turned the power into challenging sweetness.

We do not guarantee the making success every year. Enjoy it!

★     ★     ★     ★     ★

For 110ml Gaiwan, 4 grams tea is recommended, can hold up to 100°C temperature water but would be more interesting if lower down to 50-60°C. Also better to warm up the Gaiwan for the charming aroma.

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100 grams in bulk


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