The Rovers Jasmine – Black tea


Jasmine flower + Black tea ≠ Jasmine flower + Green tea

Floral and smooth, time to get rid of the bittiness of green tea.

After 3rd brewing, not just your nose but also the tongue can get the nice aroma too, it’s melted into the water. Strongly recommended for jasmine lovers.

Brewing Instructions:

  • 4g for 120ml Gaiwan 90°C/194°F
  • Pouring out water quickly for the first 3 times brewing ex. 10s/15s/20s then 30s/1m/2m
  • The best round comes from 3rd time.
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Why most jasmine tea use green tea not black tea? The short answer is because black tea is not easy to absorb the jasmine aroma although a lot of people like the smooth of black tea.

We didn’t have the move to work out this problem until one day, someone reported the jasmine green tea received was stale, this is a serious problem, finally we found it’s mostly because of the too long time shipping, we can not change that shipping situation but we can make the tea adapt it, that’s the original move of this tea.

Bet on the future

As we think the COVID-19 might be there for quite long time, so we need to work out a new tea immediately. In order to improve the absorption of black tea, we made some experiments, ruined some teas, finally the Shaking technology applied craft got a success, this Shaking technology was found on Oolong tea only, also the leaves need to be very young, more specificity pre-qingming festival, normally earlier than April 4 and the altitude needs to be higher than 800m.

Then leave it until the jasmine blooming day coming, the tricks are good quality flower and air-open roaster machine or it will get water taste if air-closed roaster used.

The funning part is, most of Jasmine flower is planted in the South of China, Heng County not Fujian province anymore, that’s over 2000km and our black tea needs to travel forth and back after jasmine scenting, that’s 4000km, long shot aha?!

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