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Temple Protector’s tea – Community Supported tea


#Community Supported Tea (CST)

This is the first offer of CST program, also named Queen Monkey Oolong, dated 2020.05

It’s sweet and fresh, that freshness is not green tea style, it’s something like naturally morning wake up after last whole day’s shouting in the gym, it’s a relaxed new feeling.

Brewing Instructions:

  1. The easiest cupping method is a mug infused whatever temperature hot water with just several leaves.
  2. Gongfu style requires 5-7 grams leaves to be with 100°C/212°F hot water, steep for 10s/20/30s then 1m/2m/3m
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Mr. Guo the temple protector

Mr. Guo is a protector of hundred years old temple and life long tea farmer, we are honored to have him to be the first participator of Community Supported Tea program.

There are two varietals in Mr. Guo’s tea garden, King Kuanyin and Yellow Dawn, both are famous for oolong producing, Yellow Dawn can also be made into very special black tea.

Mr. Guo has two last names, Guo and Chen, as his biological parents were too poor that couldn’t support his children, so had to let Chen family adopted him. Tea is their main income for several generations, still it is.

Mr. Guo’s house share the same wall with the An Gong Temple, this is an old temple that originated from Song Dynasty, An Gong is said to be the ancestor of this small village who was used to be a solider that escorted prisoner to somewhere and stopped halfway by a talking tiger (now tiger mountain is the town’s name), so they changed their plan and decided to live here. It’s so beautiful there that the village is named as Pretty Village.

This is the first time offer of Mr. Guo’s tea after joining CST, so this is the original one to show people normally how is the quality he made, in the autumn of 2020, we discussed and plan to change the processing craft a little bit including longer time sun withering and heavier shaking, also use cloth wrapping technique to get round shape, all of these ideas can not happen without your support, thanks for your care.

Please note the price will be increased next season as the plan is double offering to the farmer.


150 grams in bulk


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