Silver Needle Brothers – White tea


Two in One, 15 grams for each.
Same name, same year but different varietal, different origin, different producer, what fun can you get?
One is Varietal Big White from Fuding city, one is Varietal Little White from Jianyang city, all produced in 2021 Spring.

Brewing Instructions:

  1. Gaiwan 120cc, 5 grams · 85°C/185°F, slowly pour water along wall then steep for 10s/15s/20s/30s/40s/60s
  2. Mug 250cc, 2 grams · 80°C/180°F, steep whatever long time you want
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Traditionally White tea comes from two types of varieties: Big White and Little White, Fuding city is the representative of Big White while Jianyang city for Little White, both are very good but quite different.

Picking Silver Needle white tea

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30 grams for 2 teas


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