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Top Rou Gui – Wuyi Rock tea


This comes from the Waterfall Cave of Wuyi Mountain central protected zone, excellent terrior.

Powerful aroma even a bit rude but quite delightful.

No boring but surprising bites you all day.

Best of the best.

Tips: Make sure water is as hot as 100°C / 212°F and steep 15~20 seconds for 1-4 cuppings.

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Rou Gui Oolong or Cinnamon tea is the new noble nowadays.

I will give it a seven stars especially it comes to Rock tea, my personal cupping standard is quite simple:

Really goooood tea can conquer everyone even a rookie.

Sure this is a bit brewing trick to make most of it, the Wuyi Shan government published a Wuyi Rock Tea Cupping Standard coded DB35/T 1545-2015, PDF is available here.

It’s written in Chinese, however it’s quite simple even you can not read it, the core of the standard is listed in chart below.


Rock Tea Brewing Reference
Concentration Teaset Volume (ml) Leaves amount (gram) Time for 1~3 steeping (second)
Light 110 5 20,30,45
8 10,15,20
Medium 110 8 20,30,45
10 10,15,20
Strong 110 10 20,30,45
12 10,15,20


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