No.15 Drum – White tea


Clean, mellow.
The comfortable red cane spirit is dancing there, not just for nose but also tongue.
God’s love has no borders, extremely excellence has no barriers to get you moved, no matter one drinks coffee, tea or not, and this no.15 is that one.

Brewing Instructions:

  • For 120cc Gaiwan, take 4g · 100°C/212°F then steep over 20 times 15s/25s/30s/45s/50s/60s/70s/90s
  • For 250cc Boiler, take 3g and keep stewing for 10 minutes at low temperature after boiled 
  • Actually no matter how you brew it, it can always end good
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  • Origin: Songxi county Fujian
  • Varietal: Zhenghe big white
  • Organic: Yes
  • Year: 2015
  • N.W.: 240g per cake

Two pints to mention about this tea, it’s not how good but about why it is good.

The first one is Organic, it doesn’t mean being organic certified is the no.1 important, this organic tea farm can refresh your idea about a dreaming tea farm could be, it’s designed and well managed, 5 kinds of grass seeds was blended before sowing, red fruit tree to attract fruit eating birds,  other flowering trees and plants to attract butterflies, very scientific.

Here the tea farm is a mysterious wonderland, I have seen many organic claimed farms, just no pesticide, and not well take care, it’s kind of blackmail to the nature, “hey earth, give me something.” It’s ugly dance.

Here in this tea farm, the birds, insects, honeybees and grass are comfortable happy, there is no such thing of production reduction because of bad weather, the well soil can hold the water no matter what drought it is, a happy ECO system is here.

The second is varietal, Zhenghe Big White is an excellent talents with shortcomings, quite simple, its output is only half of other varietals like Fu An Big White, so from the view of economic most farmers got it replaced however tea made from this varietal is quite mellow no matter made into white tea or black tea. So only people who values its character still own it, it’s not rare species but not easy to come across. Let’s take a look at how it looks like.


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