Iron Goddess (Tieguanyin)


These humble-looking leaves produce a surprisingly fragrant infusion which offers an outstanding example of a traditional charcoal-roasted Tieguanyin. The wet leaves have a rich, roasted aroma which blends the tang of charcoal with a green corn sweetness. The tea itself delivers on both of these flavors, along with a remarkably soft perfumed quality — think charcoal verging on floral incense — which fades somewhat in later steepings.

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Iron Goddess (aka. Tieguanyin) is a beautiful tea but ours looks a bit of “special”, not so neat as others though very tasty, it is a kind of what-you-look-is-not-what-you-get Oolong tea.

It comes from Anxi county of China, a county built by Zhan Dunren in A.D. 945. The Iron Goddess tea bush was found in 1725 Qing Dynasty, surprisingly there are two places claim to be the origin, one is located in Yao Yang village while the other one is in Song Yan village, they both have a story describing how the tea was found. There is a small restaurant in Yao Yang mother bush memorial hall, they cook a very yummy local noodles by the way.

Still Salty Rice is the king food here, especially for the tea harvesting time. A bowl of Salty Rice plus a bowl of soup, that’s all the energy source you have for making a good tea. As tea making is not just a creative job, it’s also a very tired of physical work, from picking to drying, from day to night, you can not stop, the average sleeping time per day is only 3 hours and this will continue for one month, we might offer you the same Salty Rice too if you visit our factory.

Notice: Please aware it has a bit of astringent taste which can go away in short time.

Steeping Instructions: It’s 5 grams vacuum sachet packed, for 110cc Gaiwan, 100°C/210°F water is recommended, don’t steep for 3 minutes as it will be too strong, try 10 seconds for the first three steepings and 30 seconds or longer afterwards.

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