Huadan – Black tea


New species of tea world.

It’s tasting clean, tasty and as refreshing as beer by the use of sun power fermentation.

Can steep over 6 times which breaks the black tea rule totally.

No. 1 tea of our shop.

Gongfu Preparation Notes:

  • 212°F | 100°C
  • 6 grams
  • 10/20/30seconds then 1/2/3minutes
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Tea fermentation
Sun power fermentation

Instead of traditional in-house fermentation, we creatively in use of the sun, although not possible for big massive production, the power of nature gives us a totally different tasting.

The name Huadan is inspired from the Peking Opera which has several roles,  according to the Wikipedia, vivacious and unmarried women were Huadan, kind of naughty girl.

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100 grams in bulk, 200 grams in bulk


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