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Honey Phoenix – Black tea


A half-Oolong black tea from Phoenix Mountain Dan Cong.

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This Honey Phoenix (Dan Cong black tea) is the start that get us reputation. There are two reasons for this, one is people likes its special character, another more important reason is its scarcity, still so few farmer can make a success of this tea.

Regarding Dan Cong, the most famous man is probably Mr. Huang Baizi, when he come, all of the farmers would invite him into home and have a cup of tea, he knows farmers, knows tea, he is also the author of several Dan Cong tea books, he spend most of his life to promote Dan Cong tea culture.

But the best Dan Cong tea producer is not him, I will give this laurel to Mr. Chen Shaoping who is a close friend of us. Mr. Chen is not just good at tea making by himself but also a good coach. When there were no man making Dan Cong black tea, he encouraged us to do it and gave us very valuable guidance. One day a farmer brought his black tea to him for help, he suggested increasing two degrees for drying and that made a remarkable difference.

Our principle for Dan Cong black tea is four words: mellow -> sweet -> aromatic -> altitude. The more left we think, the more important it is. As tea is for drinking, pleasing our mouth is the most important, good news is we do not have to sacrifice the fragrance because Dan Cong is a very powerful fragrant varietal.

We call this _half_ Oolong black tea as it’s derived from Oolong varietal and combined with Oolong processing craft, according to our experience, to make a good Dan Cong black tea, we should blend 1+ year aged tea with new tea, this can get a more thick, mellow mouth feel.

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