Honest Jade – Oolong tea


A cute Oolong tea from Fujian China.

Quite flowery with honey smell in the first two brewing, light sweetness goes all cupping, later longer steeping brings strong body and nice after taste.

Brewing Instructions:

  • Boiled water with one piece of tea in Gaiwan, try short steeping time for first three rounds for example 10s/20s/25s
  • Boiled water with half piece of tea in mug, drink whenever you want
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Zhang Ping Shui Xian - All is Well Cake

Honest Jade(aka Zhang Ping Shui Xian) has a tough life. Fifteen years ago the most famous tea in China is Iron Goddess, no one heard of / care about this cake, in order to make a living, farmers copied Iron Goddess and made into ball shape, this didn’t goes so well, about 5 years ago they started return to its original craft and be like a block.

The cultivar for making this tea is Daffodils (aka Shui Xian), the same as Wuyi Rock tea, they both were introduced from Jian Yang city. Actually there are so many variants of Daffodils, Dan Cong from Guang Dong is a daffodil, Yong Chun county who has Buddha Hands also owns a daffodil.

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