Colorful Peony – White tea


Made from wild-growing plants of the Mei Zhan varietal, Colorful Peony has a richer, fuller flavor than the more familiar White Peony. The large, dramatically shaded leaves have a confectionary sweetness, with a fruity nip recalling candy or chewing gum. After rinsing, the aroma becomes even darker, sweeter, and more intense, offering hints of cinnamon and cardamom. The infused liquor is medium-bodied, with honey, dry grass, and toffee building into a sweet, spicy finish. This is a truly unique tea, and also very easy to like.

Each purchase is for 35 grams of tea.

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kids play with the nature

We took kids there to play with the insects, chasing for butterfly and talk to the night star.

Making White tea is “simple”, only needs two steps, dehydration and drying, lots of people think that’s a piece of cake, so many different variants are made into White tea, we also tried this kind of DIFFERENT but we found it’s not easy.

Two years ago I had a chat with my friend Mr. Huang, I complained the light texture and we both were a little tired of all-is-the-same-flavor, I mentioned the Plum (aka. Mei Zan) which is a remarkable variety that can be made into very good black tea, rock tea and the aroma is so attractive. He said he has an Organic Farming mountain, the Plum are grown wildly there, maybe there is some fun to do an experiment.

We really did it that Spring, the aroma is as good as we expected, surprisingly the texture is not thin any more yet thick well, the aftertaste reminds me the Rock tea. The downside is the leaf appearance is not as beautiful as traditional White tea, it’s more wild and contains a lot of colors.

We accept it, when we admit and accept this, we relaxed and feel much better, we even gave it a unique name.

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