Classic Big Red Robe (dahongpao)


Mellow, medium roasted Da Hong Pao Oolong tea, an easy start to taste Wuyi Mountain, good choice of everyday drinking.

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Brewing tip: 100°C water | 100cc | 6 grams | 15 seconds

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China has a lot of famous teas, almost every state has tea even Tibet, if Long Jing Dragon Well is the Queen, Da Hong Pao might be the King.

Actually Wuyi Mountain’s altitude is not as high as we though, in Yunnan most of good Puer are over 1800m, according to Taiwan standard, only over 600-800m can be defined as high mountain tea, but you will find Wuyi Rock teas are just 400-500m high, with so so so altitude, then what makes Wuyi tea or Da Hong Pao special?

That’s a good question. May you have found Wuyi Mountain is well protected that wild forest has stranded with us for thousand of thousand years, the water, the soil, the sunshine, it’s the terrior there and it’s history, Wuyi began to be the tea source for the emperor from Song Dynasty, it’s been over one thousand years.

One interesting fact is the immigrants play an important role, including immigrant plant and people. Especially the Jiang Xi people, a lot of them were tea masters and the producer you meet now in Wuyi might one of their successors. Shui Xian, Mei Zan, Fo Shou, Qi Lan … just to name a few that all were originated from other regions and live well here, furthermore, they represent other special characters other than in their source.

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