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Black Swan – Black tea


A young and giddy tea born in hot summer.

This tea has a unique flavor yet sweet texture, it can be brewed for about 3 times.


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In my tea career, I have always been looking for *what can a black tea possibly be?*  To a lot of us, black tea can be described by the following words: solid, mature, a good daily need but that’s it, I am not complaining, I just want to taste something different, something break the rule, something color the day even just _one_ day.

Taiwan’s Oriental Beauty is a very good example, no one dare to imagine so hot summer can birth a good tea, not to speak of leaves pest bitten. Now when we talk about Taiwan Oolong, there is always a place for Oriental Beauty although its birth is just a wonderful accident.

But today we have a bold plot, “summer could be sweet“, we want to take advantage of this hot and humid. We chose a varietal named Golden Buddha which is famous for its high aroma, then combined Oolong processing craft, applied two rounds of light shaking, and then used no traditional black tea oxidization equipment, we dropped it, used a simple white cloth towel to wrap the leaves and left them where the sun can’t shine, still enclosed by the hot and humid.

You can see the smiles on our face when we finally can cup them, it’s sweet and smooth very, also you can feel the summer’s restlessness in your mouth. All good but not good enough, so we decided to store it in the mountain for SIX months, now what I am proud of is the-first-time-tea-drinker loves it.

Tricks: Cool down the tea liquid for a while, to about 70°C/180°F, it will become very dense thick.

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