Big Red Robe – Oolong tea


Big Red Robe is gorgeous, everyone deserves a taste, our tea doesn’t come from that Mother Bush, it’s a blended tea, the recipe is Qi Dan plus Shui Xian, Rou Gui, Xiao Long Pao and Qi Lan, all come from the protected area.


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The mother bush you may saw on the cliff is not the real one, according to Production and Marketing of Wuyi Tea (written by Lin FuQuan 1943), the real one is in Nine Dragons Nest which belongs to Tian Xin temple, the monks there suffered from too much tourists, so they guided them to the cliff where is hardly to climb. This book is full of investigation and scientific experiment, the modernization of Wuyi tea industry started from it, it is personal Wuyi Tea Bible.

Big Red Robe (aka. Da Hong Pao) comes from Wuyi Shan city of Fujian province, it’s a World Historical and Cultural Natural Reserve, the forest is well protected there, the first sight that shock you might be a bottle of snake wine, it’s in the shop everywhere. Big Red Robe is kind of mystery too, so many stories and complex, I took almost 7 years to get starting understand it, in that 7 years, there was some pain.


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