Bama raw – Puer tea


Soft but could punch you instantly.
Flowery aroma is elegantly enjoyable and the sweetness doesn’t come from your throat but whole mouth, it’s a bitter fear eliminator.

This Puer is the new representation figure of Nan Nuo Shan which is famous for its over 800 years old Tea King.

Recommended if wanna try high class Puer tea. Limited Supply.

Brewing Instructions:

  • Gaiwan: 5g for 120ml 100°C/212°F
  • Short steeping for first 3 brewing ex. 10s/15/25s then 30s/45/60s
  • Mug: 2 grams and just leave it there
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Nan Nuo Shan, this might be the most famous Puer spot in Yunnan, there is used to be two Tea Kings, one was found in 1951 but died in 1995, another one was found in 2002 and still well protected, you can easily to get there and see how it looks like, because this treasure seems is well developed, many tourists or tea lovers come here in the call of the tea king.

Do you know why it got the name of Nan Nuo Shan? As it means Bamboo Shoot Sauce, so interesting name. The people in charge here is Dai People, one day a governor toured to this mountain, the local Hani People offered him such nice Bamboo Shoot Sauce as dinner, after that they call it this way. Delicious food is always great memory.

Fortunately they didn’t know there is a spot named Bama (big leaf) where has a more delicious treasure, given the governor tried this Bama Puer, Nan Nuo Shan might have another name.

It’s hard to describe how excellent of this drinking experience, I know there is somebody very good at this job, drop us a line if you have it and we will add it into here. 

Language is weak however we have some pictures to show out the beauty of the forest where this tea exists.

Wild plant in Bama
Wild plant coexit with Puer tea tree.
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50 grams in bulk


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