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Anji Bai Cha White tea


Quite floral, a sweet gift from the spring, a classic whiting green tea.

Brewing Tips: 5g | 110cc, 80°C water | steep 15 seconds for first 2 cuppings

Storage Suggestion:
Keep it cool like 0~5°C or drink it out in one month, this works for all good green teas.

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Anji White tea is a new super star among all China famous teas, the official document said it started from 1980 in Wild Heaven  Town, Anji County, Zhejiang Province, actually it has much longer history. According to the report of local farmer, there were two mother bushes existed for several hundred years in 1949, Gui Family had been protecting these two plants for several generations. In the early 1950s local government immigrant one of these two bushes to another town named Xiao Feng town but didn’t make much success because of the lack of proper technology. From 1980 the government started to make a plan for this mother bush, by using this last surviving tree they reproduced a new varietal named Bai Cha Yi Hao, aka No.1 White tea, that’s the cultivar all Anji White tea implied.

The origin of Anji White tea – Wild Heaven Town aka Tian Huang Ping is also the source of this tea you are reviewing.

One fact needs to be clarify is Anji White tea is actually green tea by tea classifying system, it just has special gene that has white young leaf and turn green while grow up. This kind of whiting is a symbol of luck in China, also it contains 5~10.6% amino acid which is 2~5 times compare to common green tea, also it has 2~5% theanine which can enhance the immune system of our body very much, this system is the key to keep our body preventing from diseases.

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