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China has tremendous tea shows, almost every big city has one, for sure important cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou has it, normally they are quite big and a good place to meet never-met friends.

But here we gonna kindly focus on small local exhibitions, they are closer to the tea garden and more chance to see the real tea farmers show up. That’s the advantage, the bad is organizer’s service normally very poor, you’d better to have someone who can speak local language go with you.

About Security

Is it China safe? If I go so long and join a such small show that far away from the big city, will it be safe?

That’s a farewell question and we should take care our safety no matter where we go, in China, no matter you are local or stranger or foreigner, no matter you are in downtown of big city or small town, 95% chance you will be ok, even in night time.

A little hint, try to be polite and humble, you will feel much comfortable.


1. Wuyi Mountain Tea Exhibition (Nov. 16-18)

It’s a small show that occupy 43000m^2, about 700 exhibitors including 66 companies from Taiwan last year. Beside the show itself, there is a public involved tea competition held too, everyone including tourists can cup the teas and leave your rating, quite interesting.

Featured food of Wuyi Mountain
Featured food of Wuyi

2. Anxi International Tea Expo (Oct. 10-13)

  • Official Website: No
  • Google Map Location: Chabohui Convention & Exhibition Center
  • Airport: No
  • Train Station: No
  • Why Should I Go There: Direct connect with the source of Iron Goddess of Mercy.
  • How to Book a Ticket: Onsite, no registration fee required.
  • Attendee’s Comments: Send over your opinion if ever been there, author will be attributed.

A small local tea show that only 1400 exhibitors, the main tea produced in Anxi is Tie Guan Yin and other Oolong teas but here has a very big tea wholesale market named Tea Capital where you can find all kinds of teas, as well as tea packagings, there is special zone for tea machines too.

Salty rice of Anxi
Featured food of Anxi

3. Zhangzhou Tea Expo (June 14-17)

A local small tea expo that has 5000m^2, the other venue is located in Ping He county where is the origin of Bai Ya Qi Lan tea. The place here held for the tea show is also a big flower market.

Lu noodles from Zhangzhou
Featured food of Zhang Zhou

4. Xiamen International Tea Industry Fair (Spring: May 21-25 Autumn: Oct. 15-19)

  • Official Website:
  • Google Map Location: Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center
  • Airpot: Yes
  • Train Station: Yes
  • Why Should I Go There: Meet all Fujian teas here including white, black, oolong, jasmine
  • How to Book a Ticket: Register online without fees required.
  • Attendee’s Comments: Send over your opinion if ever been there, author will be attributed.

This is a slightly bigger and comprehensive tea fair, English instructions well performed, no big hassle for English speakers no matter it is about hotel, taxi or show up in the fair. All Fujian teas can be found here, also a lot of Yunnan Puer and Long Jing available.

There are some specific zones for Sri Lanka and India companies, as well as Taiwan Oolong companies. Packaging and tea machine are available too.

There is a Vegetarian Exhibition and Buddhist Exhibition held in the same time same place too.

Featured food of Xiamen
Featured food of Xiamen
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