About Us

Training not just making.

Tea has been found for thousand years, in the beginning it’s treated as a cure of poison, then slowly people found it’s not bad to cook it as food, eventually realized it can be a great drink, we offer it to god, buddha and our ancestors. It’s a gift from the nature, not just a product.

Tea has spirit.

Modern technology creates something nice, it’s so powerful and convenient that let some people forget it’s a tool, we read, write, love and laugh not just eat and sleep, to us, tea is alive, just like the young apprentice of Jedi Master, they are gift of the nature, so many potentials they own, with the help of our knowledge and experience, their ability and integrity are gonna be uncovered.

Following the nature while leading the potential.

Tea can breath, that’s the basic knowledge of us, in every stage of its life, it feels and asks differently, we help them go through tests, find the answers of their questions and become stronger and nicer in the end. But nothing is perfect, including we people master and the young apprentice, but you know what, we have a belief.

We are based in China.

We do not sell the tea that we don’t drink.

Passion is beyond business.

Keep it small and beautiful.

Be personal.

We need you!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. Our Standard Shipping collect a flat rate $9.9 for all orders as long as quantity lower and equal 15 kgs, please contact our wholesale service if your order exceeds 15 kgs. The order will be processed in 3 days, a tracking number will be sent once shipped, normally it takes 1-3 weeks, you can track it on 17Track, ┬áif it shows “Original is preparing for shipment”, this means it’s already leave China Customs enroute to you. Please aware there is nothing we can do if it’s stuck in your Customs, you can complain and urge them to be more efficient but normally the parcel will arrive in the end, we thank for your patience.
  2. To some specific areas we also offer faster shipping option like DHL/EMS, you will see it when checkout if available.

VAT (Value Added Tax):

  • Price presented on our website doesn’t include VAT and because of the complexity and variety in different country, as a small tea producer, we do not have the ability to deal with VAT on our side, instead the carrier (Post Office normally) will collect it from you.
  • USA, when declared value lower than 200USD, no VAT charged.
  • EU, from 1 July 2021 the VAT exemption for goods not exceeding EUR 22 will be removed. As a result, all goods imported into EU will be subject to VAT.

Return: We do not accept return, all orders are final.