An Introduction to White tea

Yogo in the Youth tea garden

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Abhijit Naskar

I admit that I ever thought White tea is boring, just three teas Silver Needle, White Peony and Shou Mei and all flat and insipid. I know some of you may have such idea or even never heard about it, what a shame.

Luckily a White tea drunk hit me 8 years ago, it’s a 3 years aged White Peony who looks like a magician that offered different experience for each brewing, that night, I still remember how I walk back home under the moonlight, it’s full of pleasure. After that I dive into this new area, travelled to different mountain, talked to different farmer then started to make the tea I am dreaming of, that’s a wonderful journey and this post is kind of a report.

Silver Needle Has Many Brothers

The most famous White tea might be Silver Needle, it’s a fat, full of small white hair bud, normally picked before Qing Ming Festival (middle march) but they might be long or short, it’s varied depend on the varietal. Jiangyang Little White varietal is short while Fuding Big White is long, the following picture can easily help you find the difference.

Aging Aging Aging

You may ever heard 170-Old-Champagne Rediscovered From a Baltic Shipwreck, or 300-Year-Old Shipwreck Wine Rescued From the Bottom of The Sea, this may not sound weird to you as you know the time can make the wine better.

Same as wine, White tea can have magical change by time, there is a saying indicate this miracle, “One-year-old is tea, three-year-old is medicine, seven-year-old is treasure.” In the first year, you can get the freshness. In the third year, the jujube aroma evolves, each year it will give you different experience.

What’s New?

White tea has been existing for over 150 years, the most remarkable thing is to find good varietal Big White, then it becomes silent and keep going. Right now as new generation of tea producer, we know the era is different, there is a need to break the _flat_ impression, to be more complex and stronger, so we created a rule-breaker Colorful Peony, the varietal used is Oolong not traditionally Big White and Rolling craft applied while traditionally it’s not.

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.

Mark Twain
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An Introduction to White tea

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