We will sing again

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First of all, we own you our supporters an explanation, all products were put to Out-of-Stock status thus ceased selling for past several months. Today, we are ready to re-open.

  1. The COVID-19 disturbs everything, people locks down, logistics freezes then slowly recover but take more time for shipping, Reddit user @ThomasFromOhio shared how his package travelled the world since last October, from China to Chicago, then to TX, MD, NC, IN TRANSIT for 3 month, then sent back to China with reason NO PICKUP though no one has clue where the package was, then resend to the airport and US, finally Ohio. It’s over 6 months. It’s big possible the quality will change a lot, that’s our concern too, as one of our supporters ever kindly inform us the tea received was not as nice as indicated. We can not control the shipping carrier but it’s our responsibility to solve this problem.
  2. Most of tea vendors package the tea into different size bags at one time, this can save labors. The bag size normally is 50g, 100g or 200g, not 10 kilograms. According to our long time experience, small size packaged tea like 100g is easier to suffer the quality than 10kg. So we didn’t package all in one day but did it upon order received, this solution has help to the finally quality consumers receive but cost much much more labors, it’s not right way to sustain the business.

That’s why we stopped and looked for a better packaging solution, from day 1 tea born to now, our ancestors have concluded some insights:

  • Avoiding high water content
  • Avoiding long time air exposing
  • Avoiding lights
  • Avoiding high temperature
  • Avoiding other smells

To achieve above guidelines, with the development of modern technology, several solutions are applicable.

Four ways to prevent deterioration

  1. Contain water content: for tea normally the requirement is under 7%, 3~5% is better. Theoretically too dry is not good too as the lack of Monomolecular water layer will make the tea get easier oxidized.
  2. No lights: other causes to get quality change might need one or two months but light can make it just in several days. In the Tea Fairs or some tea shops we can catch tea stored in transparent glass jars, the purpose is just for presentation, if you have a chance, take a try of this kind of tea.
  3. Low temperature: until 2021 this is the most effective way for tea storage, it’s quite good to contain the aroma, color and taste, more over it’s the best way for freshness. Regarding the temperature, the lower the better, but 0~5°C is a reasonable economical degree.
  4. Oxygen free packaging: in the air about 20% is oxygen, it can be big trouble to many teas except white tea and Puer. Vacuum pumping is one solution but the process can get many tea leaves broken. Nitrogen filling is another way which is used by many big companies but cost too much to us. The final one left is Oxygen Absorber, its safety is approved by FDA that is a secure food-contacted packaging. One note is once sealed tea bag opened, it’s better to drink it out even with the existence of Oxygen Absorber.

So our final winner is Oxygen Absorber, it’s safe, effective, cheap and easy to use, sounds like a super star, but still we will indicate its existence on the label and mark “Don’t Eat”.

One more thing

We changed the website design and will publish more videos or pictures or live broadcast about how we make the tea, how the people live here, the history and culture, in the end you are not just tea in your cup, it’s the whole mountain there.

Enjoy it!

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We will sing again

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