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The journey to the colorful white tea

Do you love white tea? Yes, then you can jump to the product, if your answer is NO then you might want to continue the reading. First of all, let me tell you a real story that happened to me. In 2011, summer night I visited a white tea factory who mostly do tea export business, they offered me a White Peony that produced three years ago, I can not remember the cupping details as in the end I got my first tea drunk, but I can remember how different of each steeping and how sweet of the moon that night. From that on I realized white tea can be more, it can beyond plain water, the reason I didn’t like white tea is because I didn’t have the chance to meet a special one.

After several years of white tea learning and the complains received on white tea, I decided to make use of my Oolong tea processing skill and develop something new in the white tea world. That’s the origin of this Colorful Peony white tea made today, anyway I will stop talking and walk you through how we make it happen.

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