What makes a tea better?

Community Supported Tea

First thing first, from today, the Community Supported Tea (CST) program is ONLINE, check the teas available to support the farmers.

Trigger to launch CST

The Teababy team has been in tea industry for very long time, we exchange tea making experience with different producers in different areas, however we mostly focus on ourself ex. improving skills, learning the nature’s mystery and do some tea education.

The COVID-19 special situation hit a break to our routine, thus have the chance to think in a bigger picture. Every industry needs healthy eco system, every participant should be able to get & give from this system under fair’s sake and most tea farmers in China still sit in the weak position, they lose the negotiation power because of the cut of connection with market.

The truth everybody can see very clearly is suffered farmers do not have competitive quality and that’s the base or first step to earn the power. There are many elements can effect the final quality like the weather, the terroir, the skill and a bit of luck etc, personally I even believed “terroir” is the most important element as it’s irreplaceable.

Somwhat I was wrong, let me tell you a real story. A special farmer works very hard till late night thus results a better quality, he does get a higher price (a bit but not much), but because of the extra time spent, he in the end made less quantity, so according to the simple formula: Price * Quantity = Income, he didn’t earn much more than average but his wife complaint a lot including late sleeping and couldn’t help with housework etc, so after many years fighting, this farmer gave up in the end.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hark.

NBA Super Star Kevin Durant

Dream drives willing to work hard

And dream needs to be carefully protected, in a children’s world, the worst dream killer is teasing while in adult world the monster I think is no give back. It’s difficult to have a saint frankly speaking, after all we do have family to support. They need more than “fair” price.

Speaking of FAIR, I am disgusting of Fair Trade. When a farmer needs help and you said “Ok, give me the certificate fee in advance.” That’s ridiculous. Fair Trade is just a special service for big company in order to fool the public.

The plan to back the farmers is we pay extra 50% for the first year and work with them to improve the quality, then pay 2 times than market price for second year and then 3 times for third year, hopefully to pay more and more times because of the high quality and high rated reputation.

  1. First year pay 1.5 times
  2. Second year pay 2 times
  3. Third year pay 3 times

And every tea drinker is the farmer’s Dream Protector. So what makes a tea better? It’s the will, it’s you.

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What makes a tea better?

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