Spring tea report 2020

Tea leaf dewdrop

There was a raining last midnight which kept me exciting very much that can barely get me into sleep, water in the spring is always precious, we suffered this drought last year and which delayed the harvest time more than one week.

Right now is the picking time for buds only green tea and black tea, also little Puer is available too.

Speaking of Oolong, there is an exception, low mountain Eight Immortals started the picking from the end of February while high mountain one shall begin at about March 15. Then is the Gold Oolong in the end of March.

The COVID-19 has big affection on tea production, not easy to hire workers, cost increased 50-80%, no buyers visit factory, most of the sales need to be online.

The situation for Oolong tea might be better as mot of Oolongs’ picking time is in May.

According to the keep updating data of yesterday (March 5), except Hubei province, only 5 provinces found new patients, the other 26 provinces have ZERO new patients. Thanks for all people’s sacrifice especially the medical workers and look forward to have a complete victory soon.

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Spring tea report 2020

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