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YouTube is Killing Me

First of all, here is the video just uploaded to YouTube and I will explain why YouTube is killing me.

Tea in the Local food market

What torture me mostly is keeping the status of being :: I will get it done soon :: for whole year.

A YouTube video was my promise for 2019, I bought a tripod, a hand held stabilizer Zhi Yun Smooth 3 and iPhone 7 Plus, also got iMovie installed, but nothing happened.

I was upset, even got angry.

As I am not native English speaker, writing or talking is the last thing I will do.

But all the tea stories inside me needs a way out, video is the most possible solution, just recording …

It can tell how a stems picker help win a tea competition.

It can tell how farmers react to local government’s stupid order.

It can tell how anxious people are when it keep raining in the tea harvesting time.

It can tell how exciting we are when the Wild Wulong black tea got success after so many failed experiments.

It can tell how interesting talk we several tea producers cupping new teas together.

It’s January 20, 2020, five days later will be the Chinese New Year and one year will be over again, so I picked up the gears and asked a friend if he can accepted an interview, luckily everyone was so nice even strangers.

Also I found some nice place like picture below, it’s Ba Shi, the 8th Food Market in Xiamen, so many nice local foods available especially sea food, everyone was so busy still I found some nice tea moments there.

The lesson I learned from this video shooting:

Prepare a mini microphone and the voice will be much more clear
Do it right and fast is better than do it perfectly
Do homework for the gonna ask questions

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