How bad coronavirus cause to China tea industry?

Is it safe to drink Chinese tea now? Short answer is YES. Let’s dig deeper.

According to the Chinese Medical experts of National Health Commission and the Minnesota Department of Health, the Coronavirus can only survive on inanimate objects for a few hours, maybe a day or two in perfect laboratory condition.

The cargo shipped from China to LA/USA for example, the shortest time is 15 days on the sea plus loading unloading and Customs clearance, 20 days in total; To MIAMI it’s about 45 days. That’s shipped by sea, by air like DHL or FedEx it takes 4-6 days. There is no time for the virus to survive. It’s no way to get Coronavirus from a package being delivered from China.

Will it lower down the tea quality or get price higher? My assumption is very unlikely.

Let’s clear some important puzzles now.

  • The timing of tea production: Qing Ming and Gu Yu, please remember this two most important time for tea plucking. Buds only or one bud one leaf picking mostly comes from 10 days before Qing Ming, that’s March 24th. Personally I prefer to tea picked from Pre-Guyu, also bigger production.
  • The exporting process: It takes time, from tea production, shipping, Customs clearance, final delivery, normally the tea you bought is about two months later after production. Here although we can ship to you directly and cut the process a lot, still it needs one week to prepare the new tea be packed and then ship to you.

According to the guidance from the government, people will eventually back to work after February 8th, including logistics company, so in March tea factories will be able to hire workers in time.


Because of this Coronavirus, this Spring Festival is very quiet and almost no firewoks or firecrackers, all companies’ opening also delayed for about half a month, according to the report by Carbon Brief, the emissions of CO2 reduced by one-fourth, I am sure the air is much better than before.

Also the weather is good till now. There was some raining between February 1-5, that’s quite good for the tea. Last year the Spring tea was delayed because of the lack of water.

So the quality of 2020 Spring tea is very likely to be better. Although this Spring Festival we stay longer time in home than before and consume more tea, the price is very possibly to be stable or a little bit higher (see the updates).

When will the Coronavirus be over?

The most important time of containing this Coronavirus is this week and next week, more specialized hospitals are built in short time, I will be likely to see the game over within this month, that’s the end of February.

Sadly so many lives lost, so many people suffered, but we will be strong together and it does give us a break to re think of our life and our relationship with the nature, just like our philosophy stated, do respect the nature and follow the nature.


  • 2-11-2020, WHO officially names this virus as COVID-19.
  • 2-22-2020, Virus is kindly contained but because of the cautious treatments and policy, a lot of factories and companies can not back to office now especially the logistics company, the cost is a 40-60% increasement for sure. And the buds only tea’s picking will be a big challenge as no workers available.
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How bad coronavirus cause to China tea industry?

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