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Enjoy a tea party – Photograph by Oriento

The longer I live the more confident I believe there is no free lunch in the world, and this “no free lunch” idea saves me many times from trap, more importantly, it encourages me to do the right thing and focus on it instead of searching for shortcut.

But free tea is different, everyone deserves a chance to meet a cup of good tea. This idea came from a visit. Many years ago like in 2013, we welcomed a visit from US Carthage college students, one of them told me he didn’t know tea can be so tasty as the tea he ever met was terrible. I was shocked to hear this very truth, also it occurs me to think why so many people do not know about tea or like tea.

A good tea is just as easy to understand as cola, you do not need to become a tea professional in order to appreciate it, your tongue, nose can tell.

So it is not about knowledge, then what it is about?

That student’s word has always been circling in my head, when he came to here China and drank a good tea he knew the difference instantly, if he can meet that good tea in United States easily, he may find the tea enjoyment long time ago, in other words all he need is a chance to meet good tea.

From 2013 till now, it’s been a long time and I didn’t see much difference of the situation, to most people tea is still a grandma stuff even many friends around me. 5 years ago I had my first child, if you are parents you must understand how unreasonable I want to protect my kid from hurting by the world, especially the drinks out there, so much sugar and mysterious addictions, I even ever met somebody who drinks cola only and no water at all, sounds terrible but it’s true. Tea is so tasty and a healthy drink, it would be great everyone drinks tea.

So I decided to break the ice, make a Free Tea Program, sure I do not want to break my pocket, the quantity of free tea would be 40 grams or 50 grams only, I hope more and more people try it and let their tea journey have a start.

How this Free Tea Program works?

  1. Every month the chosen free tea will be published, including the specific SKU, buying link and coupon, check back here for new coupon.
  2. Applying the free tea coupon when checkout.
  3. One time each month for everybody, so if you get a free tea in November, you still can get another one in December.
  4. We recommend you create an account when check out for easier all tracking.
  5. Please note the shipping freight is not free.

Spread the word and enjoy!

Updates of 2019 December:

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The chance routes to the nature and health – Free Tea Program

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